My Author Journey – progress update, September 2018

It’s been some time since I’ve written about my journey as an author, which could mean a couple of things – either I’m not doing anything, or I’m so busy I’m doing loads.

Fortunately, it is the latter. I spent three weeks of the summer holidays in the Caribbean, for some of that time I was with family and did very little writing, but then I spent over a week on my own in Tobago getting some much-needed isolation and writing time.


My first book, which is going to be called ‘Kathmandu’ is now with the editor – it was a great feeling to send it off as a whole manuscript. My second, ‘Hong Kong’ is now in first draft form, and I’m getting my ideas together for the third which will be called (and set in) ‘New York’. See the theme with the names – clever isn’t it?

It’s amazing to think that before December of 2017, I’d only really written a few short stories. Back at the end of the year, I was feeling frustrated with myself,  I wasn’t sure I was ready to start writing, I wasn’t sure I knew what I had to do – and yet I had the compulsion to do it, so I just threw myself in. I got started one December afternoon in a coffee shop in Madrid and by the time school started again I had 14000 words of ‘Kathmandu’ committed to paper.

Looking back, that was totally the right thing to do. It’s been a long and savage editing process. I’m sure if I now read any of those early drafts they’d seem rubbish, but that doesn’t matter – the first draft is always rubbish, for any writer.

Then, there was the issue of time (well the lack of it), I wrote about that in detail here. Again, I just had to jump in, set an early alarm, get up and make baby steps each day towards the goal.

I still have a very long way to go, but I’m getting the stories to a stage in which they’re ready for the world, and I’m learning about the world of publishing and book marketing. But, I’m enjoying the journey and can’t wait to share my stories with you.

I’m currently looking for beta readers. If you’re interested in getting an advance copy of my books, looking for errors and giving an honest review then click on the picture below. That’ll take you to my mailing list page, enter your e-mail address (which I’ll look after very carefully and won’t use to try and sell you stuff) and I’ll be in touch when the time is right (although there’s no telling when that’ll be!).

Do you read thrillers? I need your help
I’m looking for beta readers for my upcoming novel, could you help?


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