2019 the year of FOCUS

As I write, it’s a couple of days into January 2019. The Christmas period, as ever, has gone by in a flash and in the next few days, we’re back to work.

At the start of the new year, it’s great to have a look back over the last twelve months and look forward to what you want from 2019.

In the last two years, I’ve seen the importance of this. Life can throw so many things your way and the teaching is such a time heavy job – having a laser focus on the things you want is essential.

If you don’t, you’ll end up pushing someone else’s priorities and losing sight of your own.

2018, a year of creativity

2018 for me was all about creativity, both in terms of my writing, teaching, and pursuing different opportunities. It’s been great. I’ve enjoyed coming up with ideas and trying lots of different projects. Some of which I’ve continued, some of which I’ve stopped. The Healthy Teacher project interviews, for example, I’ve put to one side for now. I did really enjoy speaking with other teachers about their lives in education but didn’t have time to keep it going. I also started picking this topic up as the subject of my master’s dissertation so although I’m not writing about this on the blog, it is still something I’m working on in the background.

2019 will now be the year of focus. I need now to concentrate on just a few things to move them forward, to get them finished.

Here’s what I’m focusing on this year:

Finish and publish my novels

My first novel ‘Kathmandu’, has been a real time sink in the last few months. It’s in the final editing stages now and I’m feeling increasingly done with it. I’m pleased with the state it’s in, but feel I can’t see the wood for the trees right now – I’m too close to really appreciate it. I’m looking forward to sending it back to the editor and spending some time on something else.

If you’d like to help me with this process, I’m still looking for beta readers. Tap the image below for more info:

Do you read thrillers? I need your help
I’m looking for beta readers for my upcoming novel, could you help?

Complete my master’s degree

I’m halfway through writing my dissertation, which is on the subject of teacher’s health and wellbeing. When my novel manuscript goes to the editor, this will become my main focus. I’ve blocked off the following two weeks in my calendar so I know not to book anything else in that time.

Teach creatively, share and inspire

Teaching creatively is really important to me. By that, I mean constantly looking for more effective and efficient ways to teach skills and content to my students. Of course, that takes more time than simply pulling out a lesson taught before. I love standing in front of a class knowing what I’ve planned is perfected for them. Of course, that’s not always possible. There are occasions when time is tight, or when a lecture style content heavy lesson is required – but where possible, being creative is going to be a focus on mine this year.

I also want to continue to share my resources, thoughts on teaching and advice on this blog. In the last few weeks, getting deep in the edit of my novel, that has taken a back seat too.

I have another two schemes of work I’ve delivered this year that I hope to share with you towards the end of the year as well as my thoughts and experiences on my double life as teacher and author.

I wish you a focused and productive 2019!


Mine’s FOCUS, what’s your keyword for the next twelve months?


How could you make that happen?


Download my new spy stories scheme of work now
Download my new spy stories scheme of work now


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