The Recovering Creative


My name is Luke and I’m a recovering creative.

We meet every Thursday night, me and the other recovering creatives, down at the local church hall. Together we share stories of past week’s temptations. Some overcome with applause, some succumbed to with derision.

This week a lady talked of an inventive filing system she thought of, one night it came, while she was just sitting there. Another man discussed a new pizza topping and how it crept up on him while he wasn’t even expecting it. Creativity does that. Any time. Day or night. It’s not even the big things. Fortunately, both found the strength to crush the thoughts. We all know how dangerous creativity can be.

We will get there together, us recovering creatives.

We are the lucky ones though. We’re getting help for our creative addictions while others suffer in silence. Imagine the pain, the pangs of guilt, the feeling of forlorn un-accomplishment when a creative seed is crushed. It could have been something beautiful. It could have brought joy. But we’ve no time for that.

I don’t tell the group this, but for me, I know it’s incurable. You see, I’ve always been creative. As a child I would draw and paint, as a teenager I played instruments and wrote, in my early twenties I produced music, in my late twenties my creativity became absorbed with training to teach, creating the best lessons I could. Then about two years ago it came back fighting, so now I write.

Creativity is the common factor. It’s the spine of my work. I need to create, I need to re-think and question and develop. To me that’s everything. That’s not wrong, that’s not bad, it can’t be, can it?

I’ve had enough of it.

I’m starting a movement.

This is my call to arms.

If you are creative too, stand by it with pride. Feed that creativity with time and energy, don’t scorn or belittle it because it’s not productive or neat. Don’t shun it because it doesn’t earn you money, win you prizes or acclaim.

Prioritize your creativity like it matters. Prioritize your creativity because it matters. Be proud of it, own it and when it’s ready, show it to the world.

I’ll always be a recovering creative, and that’s an incredible thing.

How creative have you been today?



Interested in education, writing and creativity? Join my mailing list here.
Interested in education, writing and creativity? Join my mailing list here.


Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

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