“I haven’t got time for that” re-thinking time scarcity

Rethinking time scarcity

  "I haven't got time for that." "There just aren't enough hours in the day?" How often have you used one of the above phrases? I would guess, knowing the pressures of modern life, especially those for us involved in education, it's fairly frequent. It seems to be a symptom of our modern age that we're …

How to keep your school e-mail under control

I wasn't a teacher before there was e-mail, but I can imagine that it was a different world. Not commenting on that e-mail chain about a particular student's deteriorating behaviour, checking meeting minutes at the weekend or reading back over a conversation you had six months ago. For all the good things e-mail as brought …

How to cut your mock exam marking time with feedback appointments

Marking mock exams as a teacher can be the most awful and amazing experience all in one. When a student has it right, when they've done everything you've asked and are flying through the paper, it's beautiful. But when you're trying to decode spider-like waffle which is failing to hit the grade criteria at every …

What do YOU want to be when you’re older?

One of my favourite things about teaching is the conversations with the students. The unstructured, random ones that spin from their learning in all sorts of weird, wonderful and insightful directions. Often, I'll finish a lesson a few minutes early just to make time to spend a few minutes to talk, it's always well worth …

Time to stay or go? Try this litmus test to see if you are at the right school

As we get towards the middle of the year, teachers across the country will make the decision to stay at their current school or go elsewhere. Of course, starting a new job is challenging, you've got to work out where the toilets are and learn how to use the photocopier. But as a teacher, those …

New Year’s Resolutions for SPAG – Lesson on common spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes.

Will be cracking this lesson out again next week!

Luke Richardson

A great lesson for the first week back in the new year. It’s a reminder of common spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes.


Created by Joe Kirkham, thanks for sharing.

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

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