The Healthy Teacher Project 6 – Interview with Sian Rowland

The Healthy Teacher Project

What is The Healthy Teacher Project?  Sian Rowland is a freelance trainer, advisor and writer. Much of her work surrounds creating teaching resources for education and other businesses. She was a primary school teacher for a number of years, before moving into leadership, before becoming an advisor for the Local Education Authority before working for …

Teachers – five reasons to keep, value and proritise your hobbies

Answer this honestly - how many hobbies or interests do you no longer regularly follow because of teaching? As I write it's the final weekend of the summer half term. The academic year has flown -year 6 sats are done, year 11 are on their way out and we have seven and a half weeks …

Being a teacher AND realising a dream (in my case writing a novel)

Firstly, let me get something clear, I love teaching. When you've thoroughly planned a lesson, it's going well and the students are on board, there's nothing better. This is not a post (the sort you sometimes see) by people jaded with the profession about a "plan B" or "getting out while you still can". This is about being able to do something you really want to, as well as be a great teacher.