Five ways to proofread – both for you and your students

We all know what it's like, you post something online, or send an all-staff e-mail, then notice the glaringly obvious mistake in the first line. That happens because when you read something you've just written, you read what you want it to say - not what's actually written. This is something that affects me, both as …

See, wonder and infer – a structure to help your students with inference

See wonder and infer grid

Students are better at inference than they get credit for. Their problem often lies in ordering and expressing their thoughts  - not the inference itself. I use this structure to help students talk and write about their inferences of both texts and images.   We go through this one stage at a time: First, students …

Detoxify your mind – The Healthy Teacher

Thousands upon thousands of words are written each week about what you should or should not put into your body. This additive may be poisonous, tonka beans may have pretentious side effects, carbs after midday may fill you up.